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Family owned and operated company located in Kootenai County and servicing The Inland Northwest.

Next Generation Logging

Next Generation Logging is a multi-generational, family owned and operated company located in beautiful North Idaho. We specialize in providing forestry, land management, and wildfire mitigation services to both residential and commercial clients. Our passion for the great outdoors drives us to help our clients protect and preserve the health of their land. We have seen and understand the devastation wildfires and unhealthy forests can inflict upon one’s investment. Our hope is that we can educate and participate in the management of land in our community and the area we all call home.

As the “Next Generation” of loggers, our team works tirelessly at fulfilling our motto of:

Ensuring a Forest for Tomorrow


Austin is our owner/operator. Growing up in the woods of North Idaho, Austin developed a strong desire to keep the land green, growing, and vibrant. Austin ventured into Wildland Fire Fighting. This sparked a passion for helping others to prevent wildfire devastation. He loves to share his knowledge within communities.

His love for the preservation of healthy, managed land grew into a company. Next Generation Logging was started as a family owned and operated company, to help educate the community on how managing their land can protect it.


Growing up and living his life in the Northwest, Steve desires to see the beauty and protection of our lands remain for future generations. His attention to detail helps to keep the project running smoothly from start to finish.


Kody is our Lead Estimator and coordinates NGL’s forestry projects. He holds the Certified Wildfire Mitigation Specialist (CWMS) designation from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in this area and strives to protect, preserve, and help prosper the beautiful country that surrounds us every day. He has 31 years of public service in combination from his duties as a USAF Veteran, KCSO Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy, FF/EMT with local fire departments, and as a Lead Security Officer at Kootenai Health. As a North Idaho native, Kody is very passionate about public education relating to wildfire prevention here in the great Pacific Northwest.


Hunter was raised working outdoors and has worked in almond orchards and grape vineyards.  He loves the outdoors and working with his hands on the land.  The work that he performs with Next Generation Logging gives him the feeling that he is contributing and making a difference for the future of our forests, our clients’ homes, and their properties.

What Now?

Schedule an on-site visit to find out the best solution and price. After a consultation with the landowner and property, there are a series of steps we take before a logging project will begin. Feel free to learn more about our process or schedule a free on-site consultation.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Best way to contact you?

Start the process by sending us the details for the project or give us a call at (208) 819-3611

Our Typical Process

1. Get customer details
2. Walk the property
3. Get maps
4. Look for any disease issues
5. Provide recommendations
6. Sign contract
7. Set a date
8. Get started